Problem solving seminars

Carefully chosen representatives from all sides meet with a third party panel to analyze the fundamental sources of conflict and develop possible solutions. Learn a process for breaking down complex problems into their components and gain clarity around possible solutions. The optimal size of workshops is about twelve persons and they typically take between three days and one week to complete. These workshops give participants the opportunity to learn problem solving and decision making methods that they can apply to everyday business challenges. You can find more information on credits, including a complete list of eligible courses here. Complex problems and significant challenges require a whole new level of careful analysis and disciplined thought. The course packet will provide all curriculum information necessary to demonstrate the value of the program. Develop “detective” skills so you ask ALL the right questions required to reach on-target conclusions.

This seminar introduces you to fundamental thinking processes so that you can successfully analyze and solve a wide variety of business problems. The workshops do not replace official diplomatic activities, but act as a complement to them. How to make the right decision, even when faced with dozens of confusing alternatives. What if your team could improve its problem solving ability and innovative thinking skills in a matter of days? What if your team’s ability to generate and act on great ideas was significantly better than that of your competitors? Get these essential analytical thinking and problem-solving skills now to give yourself a powerful competitive and career advantage! They also involve deductive reasoning, drawing conclusions from givens and applying judgments to reach conclusions from a combination of evidence and assumptions. Insofar as the meetings provide unofficial communication channels separate from official negotiations, they are a form of Track II diplomacy. Give participants practice with tools used to make better decisions: scoreboard, flowcharts, run charts, and other instruments. Problem solving workshops are discussions that take place between unofficial representatives of groups or states engaged in violent protracted conflict.

Brainstorming, mind mapping, and other techniques for swiftly generating loads of. This wide range of problem solving training and skills development services are based on the Kepner-Tregoe problem solving decision making framework. Understand the differences between scientific problem-solving and creative problem-solving. Participants will recognize the thought patterns that trap them and appreciate the importance of separating their self-worth from their ideas. This course begins with a frank conversation about why people fail to be innovative. From off-site core curriculum workshops to highly customized skills development services delivered on-site, Kepner-Tregoe is the world leader in providing problem solving services and problem solving training. You can obtain a certificate documenting your professional credits by visiting our certificate page. It’s a critical skill for the workplace that’ll assure you’re always seen as highly valuable. From operations to IT to customer and technical support and in the human resources area, Kepner-Tregoe provides problem solving solutions.

Available throughout the year in locations all over the world, the PSDM workshops have been provided to tens of thousands of employees, managers and executives from industries as diverse as pharmaceutical/life sciences, manufacturing, paper products, consumer goods, energy, utilities and government. Panelists are typically academic researchers or conflict scholars who arrange for the representatives to gather together for an intensive discussion. Analytical thinking and problem solving are foundational thinking skills that involve breaking things down into their component parts. Problem solving workshops are designed to bring together representatives of conflicting parties in a relatively isolated setting. Get powerful problem-solving skills to more successfully reason through business problems. This highly interactive two-day course covers the fundamentals of creativity, innovation, and problem solving. As part of your training program, we will modify content as needed to meet your business objectives.

This course will help you jump-start your creative mojo and get your mind moving. On-site problem solving training engagements offered by Kepner-Tregoe help companies to implement a framework of problem solving methods in single departments or across the enterprise.