Edexcel a2 biology coursework

Our Edexcel A level in Biology will give your students an understanding of many contemporary issues requiring a grasp of fundamental biological ideas. Candidates can either do a fresh Investigation with a new report, or they may try to rework their previous report for resubmission. We then ended up with a tonne of data without having to repeat it much ourselves.

I just wanted revision notes basically and a few past papers as it is tough doing it alone, and your help is appreciated! I was thinking about doing something like how light intensity affects the rate of photosynthesis but idk. Hi, would you be able to post the link to the as biology coursework that you previously posted? Investigating the effect of (a respiratory inhibitor) on the rate of respiration in (named organism). Surely there has to be some resource out there with examplar titles that I could intersperse into discussions with my group to try and get them going? My teacher recommended us to do something so that results can be obtained over a short period of time such as a titration. How did you know how to split your research between the rationale and discussion?

Struggling at the moment understanding how much detail we are supposed to go into and how to lay it out etc, it would be greatly appreciated! The work of each candidate must be authenticated using the authentication form and candidate record sheet. We collected peat/clay marsh data for plants, and insect samples from two dykes. If your centre is not yet registered, please nominate an Edexcel Online administrator and ask them to contact us. Most were suggestions from the Edexcel list but they did give scope for students to really plan individually. We had some great pracs last year, but I am cautious about recycling them – any ideas/titles would be gratefully accepted!

The sample candidates are detailed on your OPTEMS forms and on Edexcel Online, and your highest and lowest-scoring candidates must be included with the sample if they have not already been chosen. Our Edexcel A level in Biology has been designed to engage and inspire students by showing how an understanding of many contemporary issues requires a grasp of fundamental biological ideas. They will explore how society makes decisions about biology-related issues and how biology contributes to the success of the economy and society. With a manageable level of content and assessment, it is designed to inspire and engage teachers and students in the learning experience. As such, the written examinations can contain questions which require knowledge of the background, method and results of these practicals. Find out how to make arrangements for candidates with special needs in their examinations. Also get bored of antimicrobials but had some decent ones looking at extraction methods and using colorimeters to measure the turbidity of broths. Our teacher suggested just basing our study on the amrshes or dykes so you can include enough data.

Students of our Edexcel A level in Biology will develop their knowledge and understanding of different areas of biology and how they relate to each other. Not to cover these practicals would be equivalent to leaving out a section of the specification. R stands for regional as these papers were specifically designed to cater for the different time zones. Connect with like-minded professionals and have your say on the issues that matter to you. This specification allows you to choose either a concept-led or a context-led topic approach to teaching. Was thinking about doing something on light intensity and the rate of photosynthesis. I also want to ensure that the pracs they do are not just straight rip offs/tweaks of compulsory pracs or the SAPS website. You get these gems as you gain rep from other members for making good contributions and giving helpful advice.