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A study on voice onset time of Thai stop consonants produced by native Thai speakers living in the UK. We have provided the selection of example linguistics dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. Literature reflects so many ideas and concerns of writers throughout the ages: these ranges from academic concerns, such as philosophy, psychology and sociology, to imaginative and religious inclinations. Exploring the role of systematization in phonological development: A dynamic systems perspective. Interlanguage syllable structure: Analysing vowel epenthesis produced by native Japanese speakers. If you are an English Language student or graduate and have work you are willing to submit please send it by email attachment. The effect of mediated glosses on vocabulary retention and reading comprehension with English language learners in Saudi Arabia. Satire and circumstance were particularly popular, and authors often used literature as a way to pass controversial comment on society – often using complex metaphor. Using two northern characters and authors and two southern characters and books, this dissertation compares and contrasts the role of women within the books and the way in which they are described. Melvyn Bragg and others, as relevant to issues to day as they were when they were written.

Both these eras witnessed changing political and social conditions, which were popularised and discussed by writers. In so doing it touches upon aspects of poverty and social exclusion and the role of single mothers and accordingly tests the hypothesis that northern women are traditionally portrayed in a grittier manner whereas those in the south are painted in more traditionally feminine tones within more stable relationships and surroundings. It is relatively easy to talk about your favourite book, and perhaps easier to discuss other people’s ideas on books. Over the years the assessment requirements and questions for our MA programmes in English Language have changed, so do not be surprised if you find essays which are longer / shorter / on different topics to those you are required to submit. On this page you will find links to pdf versions of essays, project reports and dissertations that have been donated by past and present English Language students. The aim of a literature dissertation is to read a little deeper into the themes and interests that grab you when reading, and to contextualise these ideas within the larger cultural movements of the time.

The role of pre-linguistic phonetic knowledge in lexical and phonological advance. You can write about anything, but to make it different it should be something that interests and challenges you. The sensitivity of the distinction between English restrictive and non-restrictive relative clauses for Chinese L2 learners. We have provided the selection of example english dissertation topics below to help and inspire you. Given the changes in modern speech patterns, and the influence of other languages upon both English and Russian, the future of typological adequacy in role and reference grammar as epitomised by the theories of van Valin Jnr is considered at length. British infant-directed speech: Cultural differences and developmental consequences.

If you need help with the Topic and Titles for your own dissertation then our writers are avilable to help. Coordination of phonetic and visual resources in talk-in-interaction: A study of reported speech. The volunteers chosen have not previously travelled beyond the border of Cornwall and believe themselves to be representative of their age and social position. Characterisations of womanhood: Divergence within literature between northern and southern women. Taking an effective authorial stance in academic writing: Inductive learning for second language writers using a stance corpus.

Integrating a computer-based flashcard program into academic vocabulary learning. This dissertation explores the extent to which the everyday use of Cornish dialect (but not use of the Cornish language per se) informs the identity of Cornish people, and whether such identity has suffered greatly as a result of a media-driven, national construct of English. To give you some further idea of what you could be reading or researching for your language and literature dissertation, this article has suggested topics in the areas of seventeenth century literature, eighteenth century literature, nineteenth century literature, twentieth century literature and children’s literature. Mathematics word problems solving by English language learners and web based tutoring system.

The University treats plagiarism as a serious offence which may result in academic failure. Nominally, Canada is a bilingual country; yet such bilingualism tends to be confined to major cities such as Montréal and Ottawa. The issue of focus placement is thus explored as the essence of this thesis and speculation is made of changes that are likely to occur over the next twenty to thirty years in the two sample languages. This dissertation looks at his work Day of the Sardine and questions the extent to which his pithy comments on the reality of north east life offer an insight into community and identity at least as powerful as that attributed to his more famous neighbouring regional novelist.